"The mechanisms of creation and image fruition are at the core of Patrick Tabarelli work. His works drive the observer towards a kind of perceptive uncertainty, thanks to their formal ambiguity. His paintings are made of flat, almost digital surfaces, or are crossed by dynamic and minimal oscillations, in contrast with the gestural origins of his style. Recently, his works focused on the construction of drawing machines, digital hardware and software for the production of surfaces, which look like hand-painted, so the ambiguity between author and work emerges once again. Through his project NORAA (NOn Representational Art Automata), Tabarelli suggests a redefinition of the traditional concepts of author and autenticity of the work, on crisis be- cause of the recent development and the new interactive possibilities introduced by digital and information technologies."
Ivan Quaroni

"Tabarelli seems to be explainable but he isn’t. He’s disguised as a scientist. He works day and night with the piratical intention of conquering an art that will do itself, without working. And he will be happy to look on and live off the proceeds – aesthetical, of course. It’s not true, it’s just a contemporary red herring. Patrick Tabarelli builds machines and makes astronomic calculations to reach the inexplicable mystery of a single poem, the part that can’t be calculated – the enchantment."
Marcello Jori

5P1R4L - 2020 -d60
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