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noraa @ LuBeC Digital Technology – 8th-9th October 2015

I will be in Lucca at LuBeC Digital Technology, Real Collegio, 8th-9th October 2015, with NORAA, {CA}, a text written by Bianca Trevisan and a video shoot by Marco De Antoni.       Read more →

500 Unreachable Islands – Machines Dream of Electric Islands. EXPO 12.10.2015

500 Unreachable Islands Monday 12th October – 8 pm. Expo 2015 – Cluster Islands, Sea and Food Preview presentation of the video made by the artist on the occasion of EXPO for the cluster Islands , Sea and Food. A series of 500 images that represent people, places, flora and fauna of many islands spread globally will be the database of collective… Read more →

When the Machine Makes Art… il workshop! – 20 e 22 Ottobre 2015 – @WeMake

When the machine makes art – WMMA Il workshop WMMA ti permette di acquisire le basi teoriche per la realizzazione di un DrawBot dalla progettazione meccanica alla scrittura del firmware sino ai primi sketch con Processing. Mediante la condivisione di immagini, video e codici, Patrick Tabarelli racconterà la sua esperienza attraverso il progetto NORAA (NOn Representational Art Automata). Il workshop è… Read more →

A short article on Harold Cohen

I am glad La Lettura dedicated a short article to my beloved artist Harold Cohen just two days after my opening show at Maryling. Cohen inspired me that much I even named my project NORAA (NOn Representational Art Automata) as a precise palindrome of Aaron. Ubiquity will be on show until 10th October at Maryling concept store – Piazza Gae Aulenti 1, Milan –… Read more →

When the Machine Made Art

When the Machine Made Art. The Troubled History of Computer Art. Grant D. Taylor When the Machine Made Art examines the cultural and critical response to computer art, or what we refer to today as digital art. Tracing the heated debates between art and science, the societal anxiety over nascent computer technology, and the myths and philosophies surrounding digital computation. Read more →

A Philosophy of Computer Art

“The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” Sol Lewitt   A Philosophy of Computer Art Dominic McIver Lopes   Read more →

A matter of distance – Frieder Nake on art process

An interesting short interview to a pioneer of computer art Frieder Nake (Germany, 1938) Read more →

Arduino Day Milan – The Program

It’s now online the official Arduino Day 2015 program at WeMake Milan. It is possible to register and get your free ticket at Eventbrite having the chance to win 5 Membership Basic at WeMake Makerspace and 5 Carnet at Coworking Login. Read more →

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