An open art project

During spring 2014 I stumbled upon Arduino and what is called Makers movement. Intrigued by  this world, I began to wonder about the possibility of applying some technologies to my artistic research. Being especially interested in painting from a procedural standpoint, I immediately perceived the possibility to program a device capable of producing autonomously artworks as a very effective way to extend my approach to art. I started learning code using interactive tools such as Codecademy. On May 1st, 2014 I started putting toghether the hardware from very rudimental components, kicking off the project I called NoRAA (NOn Representational Art Automata). NoRAA doesn’t want to be a drawbot capable to replicate images but above all a code that can interface to various devices in the production of variance, that would reflect that perceptual uncertainty present in my previous artistic production. While the common technology is designed to the efficiency and seriality, NoRAA produces noise and variance with the aim of bringing man and machine perceptually as much as possible close.

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